Saturday, December 15, 2007

These guys were caught just blocks away from my house

The gas station robbers from an Inglewood Mosque pleaded GUILTY! They were caught July 5, 2005 at our DMV off Euclid and Valentia Drive in Fullerton, CA. Story here.
Authorities say James, Washington and two others were part of a California prison gang cell of radical Muslims planning attacks in the Los Angeles area.

"Homegrown terrorism remains a grave concern to the security of our country, and this cell was closer to going operational at the time than anyone since 9/11," Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Michael Downing told reporters at a news conference after the two men entered their pleas.
Prosecutors say James even had a press release prepared to send out after an attack.

"This incident is the first in a series of incidents to come in a plight to defend and propagate traditional Islam in its purity," James is accused of writing. "We are not extremists, radicals or terrorists. We are only servants of Allah."

The plotters were within weeks of being able to carry out an attack when they were uncovered in July 2005 by police investigating a string of gas station robberies, Torrance Police Chief John Neu said. Authorities said the men committed about 10 holdups to finance the attacks.

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