Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's getting crazy in Australia!

The PM Howard was attacked yesterday after leaving meetings with his party in Perth. (HT Israellycool) Now a Sydney synagogue has been attacked (JPost here:)

An attack on a Sydney synagogue may have been fueled by anger over the Middle East conflict and the spiraling civilian death toll in Lebanon, a rabbi said Monday.

Rabbi Wernick, who cited religious reasons in declining to give his first name, and his young family were inside a house attached to a synagogue in suburban Parramatta when it was attacked Sunday evening.

Concrete blocks smashed the windows of two cars, and other projectiles were hurled at the synagogue roof. Shortly after the incident, witnesses told police they saw a group of about 10 Middle Eastern men laughing and running down a nearby street.

Joyfull Child Celebration

48 hours of Time out

The building collapse in Qana due to an Israel bombing is suspicious. The IAF claims to have targeted and hit the building around mid-night. The building did not collapse until about 8:30 AM. I question why did the people not evacuate the building immediately after the bombing and why were there reported explosions along with the collapse also? Does not sound right to me. And the UN goes to emergency meetings condemning Israel without first checking out the facts. Pretty much one sided I think. The UN still has not addressed the Hezbollah rockets constantly pounding Israel.

HT to Israellycool here.
Yoni thinks the war is lost now the 48 hour time out is occuring. He also talks about How the Qana bombings (Dejvu 1996) are a setup. I concur:

I hate to say this when their are dead children. How it possible is that Qana was the site in 1996 and now in 2006 that such a thing could happen.

I am willing to bet that Israel was set up.

Hizballah packs the building with women and children and then fires a whole bunch of rockets from the location.

Israel responds and in the blink of an eye here we are in the same situation as we were in 1996.

Again I now have a worry that the west due to our over powering goodness and the power of the modern media has lost the ability to fight a war.

This is while the horde is at the gates.

Local Rallys in Little Gaza

I saw this map on Code-Red here and it reminded me of driving though Little Gaza yesterday after volunteering at the Joyful Child festival in Stanton. (I'll blog on the Joyful Child when I get back from Church today.) I wish I could have stopped to take pictures but just past Ball Road on Brookhurst is the Little Cedar Bakery (A Lebanese Bakery). Next to the Bakery is a strip mail where I saw Lebanese flags flying and a table set up. I did not see many protesters standing around. (Like the normal ones at these jihads rallies such as ANSWER and CODE-PINK types.) I don't want to sound alarmist but we do have to watch our backs. I live two miles away from Little Gaza in Anaheim. Just on Friday a "Muslim-American man angry with Israel" killed one and injured 5 others in a Jewish center in Seattle.

Here is the OCRegister pictures from yesterday's rally in Little Gaza here:

My attempt to get a drive by picture. You can see a US flag and the Lebonese flag and the interior of my car driving down Brookhurst.

Here's the story about the Little Gaza Rally in the OCRegister here:
Shalom Elcott, chief executive officer of the Jewish Federation of Orange County, said Friday that rally organizers included extremists.

"Everyone has a right to express themselves," he said.

"However, the virulent anti-Israel, anti-Zionist rhetoric of this group concerns us."

Protesters chanted and carried placards showing photos of children's bodies and Israeli soldiers with the caption: "Baby killers."

Hundreds at the rally paused in a mini-mall parking lot to bow toward Mecca. Non-Muslims joined the protest.

The Fox of Arafat

A JP a report on the man in charge of the Hezbollah rockets here:
"Imad Mughniyeh is the overall commander of the Islamic Resistance [Hizbullah's armed wing] in southern Lebanon," said a Fatah official who said he knew Mughniyeh well during the '70s and '80s.

"He's nicknamed tha'lab [the fox], and today he's considered the second important figure in Hizbullah after Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. We're very proud to have a Palestinians holding such a high position in Hizbullah," the Fatah official said.

Mughniyeh, who is believed to have been behind the abduction of the two IDF soldiers on July 12, is also reported to be in charge of Hizbullah's rocket unit in south Lebanon. The unit has fired more than 1,600 rockets at Israel during the current violence.

This FOX was Arafat's closest and involved in the bombings of the US Embassy in Beirut and the Marine Barracks in 1983. He was left behind when Arafat fled. Here is the FBI listing on the Most Wanted list.

I was so MAD when Arafat came to the Whitehouse in the Clinton years. He never wanted peace. Now his buddy "Fox" is lobbing rockets at Israel. Hezbollah has to be destroyed. They will not give up trying to destroy Israel. If Hezbollah succeeds the USA is next.

Blogging on Townhall

After Blogging on Townhall since July 4th, I've decided I like the flexibility of Blogger better because I can insert pictures much easier! And on Townhall I can't upload my archives either. So what does a blogger do? I've decided to post family stuff, Navy interests, GWOT and local stuff here on Blogger. Political stuff like on Dems, Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, Hillary, Kerry, etc. on my townhall blog. I'll cover John Bolton's confirmation stuff on townhall too. (And of course the upcoming elections in the fall).

So that explains my absence for the past few weeks from the blogger site. Summer activities with the kids have been taking up my time. In the fall my youngest will be starting school. We are getting her to cut paper, writing her letters, counting, etc. She's getting excited and I'm happy and sad. Happy she'll be out of my hair for a few hours a day but sad the time went so fast. The good thing about being laid off from my job 4 years ago I was able to spend time with my children and watch them grow. And to be at the awards ceremonies and class parties. My nine year old was so happy when I could be there to see her get an award for her work. Hopefully I can stay home for a few more years to see the youngest go though the same things. Priceless and never can be replaced the time spent with your kids.

My Blog on Townhall is here. It is good place to start if you are not at all the technical side of web sites or blogging. I see it more as an electronic journal. But if you want to manipulate your blog, add graphics and lots of links on your blogroll use Blogger or other blog sites. It’s Just my personal opinion on using Townhall vs. Blogger.