Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blogging on Townhall

After Blogging on Townhall since July 4th, I've decided I like the flexibility of Blogger better because I can insert pictures much easier! And on Townhall I can't upload my archives either. So what does a blogger do? I've decided to post family stuff, Navy interests, GWOT and local stuff here on Blogger. Political stuff like on Dems, Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, Hillary, Kerry, etc. on my townhall blog. I'll cover John Bolton's confirmation stuff on townhall too. (And of course the upcoming elections in the fall).

So that explains my absence for the past few weeks from the blogger site. Summer activities with the kids have been taking up my time. In the fall my youngest will be starting school. We are getting her to cut paper, writing her letters, counting, etc. She's getting excited and I'm happy and sad. Happy she'll be out of my hair for a few hours a day but sad the time went so fast. The good thing about being laid off from my job 4 years ago I was able to spend time with my children and watch them grow. And to be at the awards ceremonies and class parties. My nine year old was so happy when I could be there to see her get an award for her work. Hopefully I can stay home for a few more years to see the youngest go though the same things. Priceless and never can be replaced the time spent with your kids.

My Blog on Townhall is here. It is good place to start if you are not at all the technical side of web sites or blogging. I see it more as an electronic journal. But if you want to manipulate your blog, add graphics and lots of links on your blogroll use Blogger or other blog sites. It’s Just my personal opinion on using Townhall vs. Blogger.

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