Thursday, October 16, 2008

Proposition Eight Yea or Nay

I have gotten comments on my YES to proposition Eight that oppose my position. I have a question for you nay Sayers:

1) Are you religious in any way, Like regularly attending a church?

2) Are you in a Traditional Marriage currently?

3) Are you currently raising Children?

4) Do you currently have children in the California School system?

My answers are yes to all four.

I'm a Methodist that regularly attends Catholic Mass with my family (Husband and children are Catholic). I have always believed in the sanctity of Marriage that it is only BETWEEN One Man and One Woman. And I believe it to be for the procreation of children and for the protection of those children raised in the family. I have no problem with those who want to live with each other and raise a family. (either same sex or opposite sex). The Government of CA definitely protects the right of those who want to have a Domestic living arrangement. But to call it a "MARRIAGE" is totally wrong.

I have been married to the same guy for fourteen years. (Yes, I'm the NavyWife, he was Navy for 24 years). We have two kids who both have Autism. I'm am so glad we have the Traditional Marriage. We are raising our kids to believe in it too. They have learning difficulties and with what I and my husband provide is STABILITY, Consistency and protection. The role models of a Woman and A Man together is what holds this family and marriage together. I don't think I could do it with another woman. It has to be one Man and one Woman.

I have a friend who has two daughters. His sister is gay and had a same sex marriage a few years ago. The oldest daughter did not understand why did she have Two Aunts? She wanted an Uncle and an Aunt. Thats the whole crux of problem. Children are looking for the Family Role models of One Man and One Woman. It gives them stability and consistency.

I have to stop to take care of my kids and get them breakfast, dressed and ready to go to school. My husband is at work right now. And I Traditional Wife (and proud of it) has to do her job being the nurturer.

Note: I have changed my comments to review before posting. I feel the need to review comments before posting to make sure the comments are civil and not degrading. I will not turn them away as long as they are civil and not full of cuss words. Thanks to those who have made good points even if I don't agree with you. Since this topic is heating up before the election I need to make sure it doesn't get ugly. (and comments on some blogs have been really bad lately). Keep reading, I'll finish my points after getting the kids to school!

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