Monday, February 02, 2009

Two children limit?

When my oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism I was told by family members not to have more children. I told them to stop butting in my decisions. I told them it was unkind and that I, my husband and GOD would make that decision. When my second was born she too has autism. To me it's no big deal. My kids are normal to me. They do have learning disabilities but we are dealing with it with Resources, Special Ed class, Speech and Occupational Therapy. It is extra work but they are my kids and I love them very much. And If I could I would have more. WE don't need people or government to tell us how many children we can have. And there are people who would rather abort then to bring the child to full term. But to force parents who want kids to abort is a sin. Look at China. I don't think we should go there. Let couples make the decision. God's will should prevail.
Article here from Times Online.

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