Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Deryni Series by Katherine Kurtz

I loved reading this series and wanted to get back to reading the Historical fantasy series. I liked the medieval aspects of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Chronicles of the Deryni

* Deryni Rising (1970)
o November 1120: Kelson Haldane must protect his crown from a Deryni usurper.
* Deryni Checkmate (1972)
o March 1121: Alaric Morgan and Duncan McLain face the wrath of the Holy Church.
* High Deryni (1973)
o June 1121 – July 1121: Kelson Haldane attempts to repair an ecclesiastical schism on the eve of a foreign invasion.

[edit] The Legends of Camber of Culdi

* Camber of Culdi (1976)
o September 903 – December 904: The events that inspired Camber MacRorie to lead the Haldane Restoration.
* Saint Camber (1978)
o June 905 – January 907: The struggles of Camber MacRorie to protect the throne of Cinhil Haldane.
* Camber the Heretic (1981)
o January 917 – January 918: An anti-Deryni backlash sweeps through Gwynedd, threatening the lives of every Deryni in the kingdom.

[edit] The Histories of King Kelson

* The Bishop's Heir (1984)
o November 1123 – January 1124: An old political conflict threatens to erupt once again.
* The King's Justice (1985)
o May 1124 – July 1124: Kelson Haldane leads a military campaign to put down a rebellion
* The Quest for Saint Camber (1986)
o March 1125 – June 1125: A tragic accident befalls Kelson Haldane during a religious quest.

[edit] The Heirs of Saint Camber

* The Harrowing of Gwynedd (1989)
o January 918 – August 918: The Deryni desperately try to survive the persecutions.
* King Javan's Year (1992)
o June 921 – October 922: Javan Haldane struggles to secure his throne.
* The Bastard Prince (1994)
o May 928 – December 928: Rhys Michael Haldane must defend his crown from a foreign invader.

[edit] The Childe Morgan Trilogy

* In the King's Service (2003)
o Summer 1082 – November 1091: Donal Blaine Haldane seeks a Deryni protector for his sons.
* Childe Morgan (2006)
o December 1093 - March 1096: Kenneth and Alyce Morgan prepare their son Alaric for his future role.
* (unknown title) (unknown publication date)
o (details not yet announced)

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