Friday, August 20, 2010

Genisis 2 and Marriage Definition

I was reading the letters to the editor about one letter writer using the "rib" out of Adam to create Eve to define the union of man and woman. Another letter writer was offended at the mention of the bible passage. I think that person is missing the point. God saw that his creation of Man needed a companion. This union provided a way of God's creation to procreate and continue on. We all are fortunate that God wanted to populate the world. A Union of Man and Woman. Think about that. Without the act of procreation we all would not be on this earth. Why be offended? Go figure.
The ‘sanctity’ of marriage?

After reading several letters about the Proposition 8 debate [“Prop. 8 ruling a victory for Constitution,” Aug. 15], I am compelled to offer clarification. One reader stated that the basis for marriage was established when God took a rib from Adam to create Eve. As a thinking person I am as offended by this logic as I would be if our laws were based on the teachings of Dr. Seuss.

Commonly repeated phrases include, “the sanctity of marriage” and “marriage is for procreation.” You can legally go to Las Vegas on a three-day bender and get married to a complete stranger by an Elvis impersonator at 3 a.m. Sanctity? What about the countless marriages entered into for financial gain, like citizenship, tax benefits or health insurance? Should we overlook the fact that nearly half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce?

Where’s the sanctity of married couples who do procreate, repeatedly and without planning, resulting in unwanted, abused children who wind up in the custody of social services, placed in foster homes or wind up incarcerated? I am tired of marriage being referred to as “sacred” when clearly it is not.

Paul Darden

Huntington Beach

Dear Paul (of little faith) yes some marriages are shams and have ended in divorce. But I am thankful I could get a divorce from someone who was doing bad things to me and behind my back. (Cheating on me). And he thought he was doing nothing wrong! But then I entered my current Marriage with Eyes Open and It has been wonderful and produced two wonderful children. We learn from our mistakes and divorce has to happen in order to save oneself from abuse of the spouse. I believe in the The ‘sanctity’ of marriage. Even with it's so called faults that Paul has mentioned.

Some enter marriage with good intentions but the other has broken the bond. What can we do? Some have children and abuse the offspring. The State has to come in and raise the children. It happens. Sometimes the parents have good intentions and the child has mental and behavioral problems. The State is there to help them out. Paul, should we outlaw marriage all together. Should the State take over raising the offspring? Should both Gays and Straits have just Civil Unions? What should it be Paul? You define it.

Prop. 8 defined Marriage as "marriage is between one man and one woman". The Attorney General Jerry Brown put it on the Ballot with the "Gay Marriage Ban" label. A misunderstood fact in the whole mess.

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