Monday, November 22, 2010

Bridges in San Pedro and Long Beach

When I was a small child I would travel with my parents in car to Terminal Island, San Pedro and Long Beach. I remember going on the Terminal Island Ferry one last time. In 1963 the Vincent Thomas Bridge was completed. Then in November 1963 I remember taking the trip over Terminal Island from San Pedro to Long Beach on the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

The Gerald Desmond Bridge was build and completed in 1968. They will replace the bridge by 2016 and by building the replacement side by side.

Another Bridge I remember is Henry Ford Bridge. It goes over the Cerritos Channel to Terminal Island. The original bridge (Draw Bridge) was build in 1924. It was replaced by a lift type in 1996. I remember when ships were passing the bridge would raise up and let the them pass though. Kind of neat!

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