Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Planned Parenthood debacle

Planned Parenthood thinks this is a wonderful ending? By bullying an organization who did not what to fund their KILLING BABIES operations anymore?

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Well, sure, if you’re Cecile Richards, the battle ended wonderfully. But I can think of a few people for whom the ending to the funding scuffle wasn’t so “wonderful”:

First and foremost, it wasn’t a “wonderful” ending for the unborn babies who are unable to voice their case to Ms. Richards. Money is fungible and more money for Planned Parenthood means more money for abortions, plain and simple. If even one mother who is on the fence about whether to give birth to her unborn child decides to have an abortion because Komen donations to Planned Parenthood make the procedure that much more easily accessible, then this was the very opposite of a wonderful ending. For that matter, it’s a horrific ending for those undecided mothers, too, who will suffer in ways Ms. Richards would probably prefer not to address.
Secondly, women with breast cancer lost out. Very few Planned Parenthood clinics actually offer mammograms; the money that goes to PP could be more efficiently put to use to combat cancer.
Pro-lifers who would like to be able to donate to the cause of eliminating breast cancer once again have to make a hard choice: Will they support Komen and risk that their dollars might unintentionally fund abortions? Many pro-life would-be donors will opt not to give, which circles back to No. 2: Women with breast cancer will suffer for decreased donations from pro-lifers.
Pro-life personnel at Susan G. Komen also got the shaft. Karen Handel actually flat-out resigned her position. Definitely not such a delightful conclusion to this story for her.

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