Sunday, December 14, 2008

President in Bagdad

The latest from AP:
It was Bush's fourth visit to the war zone as president and his last before President-elect Barack Obama takes office Jan. 20. Bush's most recent Iraq stop was over 15 months ago, in September 2007.

Bush's trip was conducted under heavy security and a strict cloak of secrecy. People traveling with the president agreed to tell almost no one about the plans. The White House tried to avoid raising suspicion about the president's whereabouts by putting out false schedules detailing activities planned for Bush in Washington on Sunday. Though the security situation in Iraq has improved dramatically, a trip to that war zone is still considered dangerous.

I'm glad the President went one last time to say goodbye and say Merry Christmas to the troops.

When in Iraq and you have BDS.....
An Iraqi man in Prime Minister Nouri-al Maliki's palace threw two shoes at President Bush during a joint press conference with Maliki. The president had to duck to avoid the shoes but he was not hit.

The man was grabbed and dragged out screaming.

Bush joked about it and said, "that was a size ten shoe he threw at me you may want you to know. "

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