Friday, July 31, 2009

Seniors and Health Care bill

I heard on the News that 7 Senior Citizens were arrested for staking out at Dianne Feinstien's LA office yesterday for 6 hours. They demanded to see the senator to state their feelings about the upcoming Health Care Bill. Socialized Medical care in Brittan and Canada regularly neglect the old. Why would US Socialized Health care take care of our older citizens. They are upset that in the current bill reductions in care for the elderly. Here is a blurb from John Boehner's blog here:
Seniors Concerned About Medicare Cuts, Believe Dem Bill Will Worsen Health Care. A new Gallup poll this morning says: “By a margin of three to one, 36% to 12%, adults 65 and older are more likely to believe healthcare reform will reduce rather than expand their access to healthcare. And by 39% to 20%, they are more likely to say their own medical care will worsen rather than improve.” Who can blame them? Among the chief concerns many Americans – particularly seniors – have about the Democrats’ government takeover is its Medicare cuts. The Associated Press reported yesterday that “Democrats are pushing for Medicare cuts on a scale not seen in years to underwrite health care for all. Many seniors now covered under the program don’t like that one bit.” An independent analysis of the House Democrats’ government-run plan shows the legislation slashes Medicare to the tune of $361.9 billion. That means fewer choices and lower health care quality for our nation’s seniors.

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