Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tea Party de-bunking

I used to frequent LGF and considered myself a lizard at one time. But I would comment and get dinged all the time. I felt I never really fit in. But I liked LittleOldLady. She no longer comments on Little Green Footballs. (suspended accounts) What happened? Now Charles has other lizards watch his back while he sleeps at night. Any one who does "Flounce" (Giving a comment about leaving LGF for good.) are deleted and account suspended. I will not flounce just yet. It's his site and he can do what he wants. I won't go there much anymore.

Anyway I bring this up because LGF is trying to De-bunk the DC TeaParty on 9/12. He is cherry picking the pictures and showing the Nazi signs and Racist signs that were the Capitol protest. I was at the July 4th Tea Party in Ventura County. Yes there were some signs like that but the Majority I saw were civil and not racist. I think if look you will find it. I even saw 'Furry People' (wearing Ears and tails!) at the Ventura County rally. And The Ron Pauls handing out "Get out of the FED" flyer's.

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