Monday, September 07, 2009

Valerie Jarrett's role in Van Jones Hire

From Redstate here:
In fact, I’m being told that Valerie Jarrett overruled objections raised by the White House Counsel’s Office and insisted Van Jones be put in that spot. Jarrett has been a cheerleader of Jones for a while, as has Michelle Obama. Specifically, I’m told the Counsel’s Office raised objections to Jones based on Jones’ past activities and associations, including with a 9/11 Truther organization. Jarrett overruled them and Jones in his job.

Really? Jarrett overruled WH Counsel's objections to Van Jones hiring. WoW! I wonder if she'll be the next to go? Just a thought.
Update From Accuracy in Media: The blogger who first brought up Van Jones as a communist is Trevor Loudon of New Zealand. His blog is here.

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