Monday, August 21, 2006

Doomsday Tomorrow?

From Free Republic:

Here are my predictions for August 22 (actually August 21).

I’ve analyzed over 10,000 articles and a list of books since 9/11. Here is my analysis, listed as predictions, as of 1 AM PT 8/21. I don’t reference all my sources in the interest of space.

1. Terrorists will probably attack Israel with WMD on 8/21 or 8/22. Most likely time is on 8/21 between 9 AM and 2 PM US Pacific Time. This time corresponds to the Islamic religious holiday of the night of Rajab 27, which begins at sunset local time (ie around 9 AM PT US). The terrorists/Iran would want the Muslim world to be awake to witness the news, so I would guess around 11 AM US PT is the highest risk (ie 9 PM local time—around 90 mins after sunset).

2. I believe Jerusalem will be attacked with a nuclear bomb. See WSJ, “August 22”, etc. This night is important for all Muslims, Shi’ite and Sunni, for somewhat different reasons. The attack may come from short-range missiles fired in a flurry (hard to defend against) from Syria, Iran, Lebanon, or sea, etc., or from a ground-based/pre-positioned terrorist.

3. Terrorists may strike major US cities near-simultaneously with Israel. Or they may wait for a pretext, see more below.

4. Iran has nuclear weapons and is prepared to use them to attempt to bring about the destruction of US and Israel and reemergence of the 12th imam. See Countdown to Crisis by Timmerman and also Countdown to Terror by Congressman Curt Weldon, etc.

5. Other sources that indicate Iran probably previously acquired working nukes (before 9/11) are reportedly Jane’s Defence, and “Resolution Passed by the JINSA Board of Directors” 20 June 2002 citing Russia officials.

6. Al Qaeda has weaponized anthrax (see Suskind, One Percent Doctrine, etc.), and possibly nuclear weapons.

7. Iran and Al Qaeda are secretly cooperating. Iran was involved in 9/11. See Wall Street Journal “Behind the 9/11 Report” as well as the two books (Timmerman/Weldon) referenced above. The Bush Admin has known much of this info but is keeping quiet about it since the threat is so sensitive. It is difficult to make a public case for war.

8. Iran has previously tried to bait the US and Israel into attacking Iran so that Iran has a pretext to attack with WMD.

9. Israel and the US will attack Iran after Israel is hit/nuked. Iran plans to play innocent but will use the counter-attack on Iran as their pretext. They will play to the world that the attack on Israel was just an American/Jewish conspiracy. See Debka “August 22” article.

10. Iran/Hezbollah and/or Al Qaeda have WMD prepositioned in the US, or plan to quickly position them. The London terrorist plot for August 16 may have been a planned distraction to allow final positioning for the bigger attack.

11. Al Qaeda/Iran’s coming big attack is not too far from the so-called “hoax” that previously appeared in the Asia Times about multiple US cities being nuked, then attacked with biological weapons. They will truly attempt to ruin America. This may have been a legitimate warning, per jihadi practice, from a true high-level member of Al Qaeda. This attack scenario meshes with the facts and Al Qaeda statements since 9/11.

12. Cities most at risk are 1-New York, 2-Washington, 3-Los Angeles. Other cities with higher risk are unclear but probably include the big ones and/or with large Jewish populations: Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, etc.

13. Russia and China consider the US a rival and to some extent their enemy. Thus they don’t mind helping Iran or watching Iran and the US destroy each other (just as Kissinger said ‘it’s a pity they can’t both lose’ about the Iran-Iraq War).

14. Hopefully Russia or China won’t attempt to strike at a partially destroyed US.

15. North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela will stick together. Other Muslim countries will be torn and pulled towards the anti-US side. A world war against Muslim (extremists) is likely.

16. Ahmadinejad, and the clerics in Iran, are similar to Hitler in preparing to wipe out Jews, and are as dangerous if not more so.

17. A large part of the US public and media are in denial about the threat of WMD. They “can’t handle the truth”, and are too cynical with government (one in three believe 9/11 was US sponsored).

I hope I’m wrong – and if not, I hope our administration has a good plan.

Good luck, and may God protect all the innocent people at risk from this wicked fascist threat.

- Illuminator

(HT Hugh Hewitt)

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