Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why do people join the Armed Services?

Since the Lieberman black face debacle on HuffPo and the illustrious Jane at Firedoglake I've been checking her site out. The late night post focused on 200 young Army recruits at an airport while the writer is slurping her ice coffee dregs.
Recruits. As I watched, a short, muscular-looking woman in BTUÂ’s began to marshall them into two separate lines, pointed at the doorways to the security checkpoints and the terminals beyond. I realized that I was watching these kids live the last moments of their civilian lives.

I looked at their beautiful hair and skin, their long, straight limbs, their bright, curious eyes and I wondered how many of them would end up on a plane to Germany with burns over 80 percent of their bodies. How many wonÂ’t even get that far?

George Bush and good Republicans like Joe Lieberman donÂ’t want to admit that the War in Iraq is a failure. TheyÂ’re afraid to do anything that might Show Weakness In An Election Year. (And you see how well thatÂ’s working out for Joe Lieberman.) Every day they postpone facing up to the mess theyÂ’ve made, more soldiers die. DIE.

Not. Ever. Coming. Home.


Honey, I'm glad your daddy came home in one piece from Vietnam, thanks for his service. He had to go, the draft was in force. These Army recruits are Vol-en-teers, they are going because they want to fight the war. I'm proud they want to serve their county. You know why they are doing it. To save your lpuny punny ass so you can drink your five dollar iced coffee bitching Lieberman is a Bushie (however, he a dem and a liberal! He ain't a Republican at all!) More soldiers died in Vietnam per month than the total dead so far in the current war. We showed weakness when Clinton pulled the troops out of Somila. Bin-Ladden saw this as an advantage. Clinton did nothing when the Cole was bombed showing more weakness.

President Bush has shown much strength, not weakness. He has supported the troops 100%. My husband is proud to serve under him. Even though my hubby in in VTU he can still be called up to serve and would do it in an instant. I give him 100% support. We have two girls and they know daddy is in the Navy. I tell them he might have to go fight in the war. They know about 9/11 and saw the WTC buildings fall and the people jumping out. They know evil is out there wanting to kill them and destroy there way of life. (Remember, you are free so you can drink your Iced coffee). As a miliary family we are willing to sacrifice our daddy and husband to save the free world. Those kids going to basic training and on to their assignments know what they are doing. They want to fight evil so we can live our lifes free from danger.

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