Thursday, December 07, 2006

65 years ago a "day of infamy."

USS Arizona
65 years ago we entered a three front war with Japan, Germany and Italy. My parents were only 5 years old. But they remember that day. I was five years old when JFK was shot. My Kathryn was 4 years old when 9/11 happened. It is ironic the Baker/Hamilton (Loosing in) Iraq report comes out the day before this historic day in American history.

My Uncle first joined the Marines then became a Navy officer during the war. He was deployed to Pearl Harbor after the US entered the war. My views of the war are on the account of my Uncle who was there and fought against the Japanese. I always looked up to him and am glad he served our country with honor. My husband was in the Navy for 24 years and retired this fall. He served his country and is proud of it. Our family is a military family. My sisters married former service men both Air Force and Army. Of course I married the Navy one! (LOVE the inter-service rivalry at family gatherings! LOL!)

We see the Iraq war AS A WAR. Its not a problem to be solved (As Nancy P. sees it) other than having our service men and women fight the war as they are trained to do. Let them fight the fight, and WIN THE WAR in VICTORY ! No negotiation with the ENEMY until they surrender (Not the USA cutting and running).

Pearl Harbor was a lesson learned. Don't leave your pants undone! But we won the war. It wasn't pretty and we lost on an average of 8,000 servicemen a month for 4 years. The War on Terror is going to be a long one. Our 'ignoring' the problem let the terrorists attack us with "our pants undone" again. We forgot the lesson learned at Pearl Harbor and WTC got hit.

My message to the cut and run Dems is this. This is a WAR. We need to win the WAR at any cost. We need to sacrifice inorder to win and allow our future generations have a free world. The Islamo-Facisits will win if we let them. Victory is the only way we can win. They will kill us if we don't kill them first.

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