Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Sad day for USA

I'm sad that John Bolton has resigned from UN ambassador. I hope Bush gets a spine and recess appoints another with the same foresight: fight the war, support Israel, no nukes in Iran, no negotiations with Terrorist nations and the Axis of Evil. We need this more than ever.

President Bush's statement here:
"I am deeply disappointed that a handful of United States Senators prevented Ambassador Bolton from receiving the up or down vote he deserved in the Senate," Bush said. "They chose to obstruct his confirmation, even though he enjoys majority support in the Senate, and even though their tactics will disrupt our diplomatic work at a sensitive and important time. This stubborn obstructionism ill serves our country, and discourages men and women of talent from serving their nation."

Just from CNN:
The soon to be SecDef Gates said today we are loosing in Iraq.

Thanks NYT, LAT, CNN, CBS and DEms etc. You are helping us lose the WAR! We need VICTORY! We need to fight and win against Terrorism. The west will be destroyed. Our Freedoms will be destroyed. I don't want my daughters living under ISLAMIC rule. They love to celebrate Christmas and Easter. We believe in Jesus and that he sacrificed his life for our salvation. God Bless America and I hope and pray we get someone to protect our country just like John Bolton did.

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