Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Congressman Ed Royce on the Immigration bill

Washington, May 17 - The Senate bill will provide amnesty to those here illegally, no matter how the Senators "spin" the issue. Amnesty failed in 1986, as it prompted a massive increase in illegal immigration with the anticipation of future clemency. Amnesty says that individuals need not respect our laws, it awards people who break the law and flout our sovereignty

The1986 amnesty provided legal status for undocumented aliens already present in the country. It was passed with the promise of tougher enforcement, which was never realized. The law required illegal immigrants to wait, pay a monetary fine, and learn English. Does that sound familiar to today’s backslapping by the Senators and Administration?

Black’s Law Dictionary classifies the 1986 law as an amnesty. Because of that law we saw an immediate spike in illegal immigration. The ‘86 law was touted as the solution to our illegal immigration problem. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. The consequences for this country are potentially catastrophic.

The rest of the statement is here.
Ed Royce will get re-elected in Fall 2008 for sure! I'm glad he's my rep!

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