Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My life's been so intense lately

I've been in such a rut for a while. My younger daughter entered Kindergarten this past year and had many battles with the school. When your kids have learning disabilities you have to fight for services. The IEP process is a pain, but when you do it right it really benefits your child. I had to hire an advocate to get all the right things for my little girl. A lawyer is expensive and the school district gets really defensive when you hire a one. Advice to other parents who are in the same situation is to find out your rights, stick to your guns (don't compromise with the district)and get an advocate when things get too complicated. Our advocate smoothed things out and got the district straightened out too. I thank God for his persistence and strength to get me through this time. I know my Daughter will benefit from it. We are keeping her in General Ed with an instructional aide in the classroom. She'll be in first grade in the fall.

My older daughter is in Special Day Class (Special Ed) and we knew she would benefit from it. Its just the school district never lets you know what your options are. Now that I have my younger one all set we want to get my older one into more mainstreaming and then full inclusion in junior high and high school. We have to change schools again but the teacher is very good and will get my older daughter ready for middle school. Her reading has really picked up to three grade levels and next year she'll be on grade level! Her math is still behind but if I can get her to general math (she has + and - but * and / is next) thats ok. If she can reconcile a checking account and handle money that's what she needs to live independently. That's the goal and she is determined to get there.

Just a little background on what's going on in the NavyFamily this spring. I hope to be back in the posting action. The main focus is supporting the troops and their mission and fighting the immigration bill. Hey President Bush why are you stepping on your base? What do you not understand? You're selling us out to the Democrats. Uncle Ted wants to destroy the Republican party. And you're helping him! Now I'm fired up and ready to roll!

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