Saturday, May 30, 2009

Anita and Soso went toYale

ESSENCE.COM: Do you know Judge Sotomayor?
HILL: She and I were in law school together; she was in the class ahead of me. I know who she is and knew her in law school, but I have not followed her career closely and haven't been involved with her socially. At Yale I had a very favorable impression of her. She was very friendly and genuine, but also very serious and dedicated to her work. The thing I admire about her in terms of her career is that she came into a situation where she took full advantage of all the opportunities she had in front of her. Not only did she excel in law school - where she was an editor of the Law Review - but after leaving law school she was a prosecutor, she practiced in a law firm, she was nominated and served as a judge at the district court level, and moved on to the appellate court level. All of those things are to be admired and used as an example of what can happen when an individual is really given an opportunity and chooses to respond and accept the full breadth of responsibilities.

From Essence here.

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