Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prop 8 upheld, civil disobedience begins

Activists in the San Francisco Bay area, including several clergy members, said they planned to block the street outside the courthouse and to be arrested in a mass show of civil disobedience if the justices do not invalidate the measure.

"Words are not enough right now. We believe it's time to put our bodies on the line to show that separate is not equal," said Kip Williams, an activist with One Struggle, One Fight, a group that was launched in response to Proposition 8's passage.

From Breitbart.com here.

This will be a mess for years to come in California. We need to educate the masses about marriage. Gay marriage supporters say it's a civil rights issue. But if we look at it as a behavioral issue, sexual orientation is a behavior. A right is were you can live, work, and go to school. The right of a human being is not denied marriage because marriage is between one man and one woman. A person has a right to marry another person of the opposite sex.

We must put up the shields and stand tall. The opposition is out to cause havoc. We must all be like Miss CA and speak out in support of Marriage as "One man and One Woman." Today is a good day, but we must not give up the fight.

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