Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fresno, the belly of the beast

Today Prop 8 opposition protest will happen in Fresno where 80% voted in favor of Prop. 8 last November. So they want to go into the "Belly of the Beast." Traditional Marriage has been around for Thousands of years. Our religious backgrounds are founded in the traditions of One man and One Woman marriage. Our family life is focused on raising children. Children need the nurturing of One Mom and of the protection One Dad provides. Anyway, I digress Fresno residents will probably ignore the intrusion and let them say their piece. It is a free county (but going the way to socialism with Obama) and they can *peacefully gather to state their beliefs. Even if they don't understand, we will pray for their understanding. We do not hate gay people. We religious people are not bigots. We believe in traditional family values that have kept civilization together for six thousand years.

*I pray they will peacefully gather instead of the protests that occurred after the November 4th election. Church goers just going to church were harassed and rocks thrown at.

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