Monday, June 01, 2009

Wrongful killing of Abortion Doctor

I have always believed it wrong the murdering of any person, either a baby via abortion or a doctor that aborts babies. I am ashamed of the right over at Free Republic gloating at the murder of a baby killer. A true Cristian denounces the killing of any one. It is one of our ten commandments, "Thou shall not kill." It is wrongful to kill any human, born or un-born.

As a Cristian, I wish the Doctor could have reconciled his sins with God before his death. I pray and hope God will judge his will on this lost soul, as well as his murderer.

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George Tiller died from the same philosophy by which he lived. And we in the pro-life movement regret his death as loss even as we regret and mourn the deaths of those tens of thousands of innocent children whom he killed over the last 35 years. We regret his death because we seek the conversion of the soul, the restoration of the person and the recognition of wrongness of ones actions so that reconciliation can occur for that person.

We have seen former abortionists realize the evil they had done and seek the forgiveness of both God and their fellow citizens. Leaders such as Joe Scheidler have reached out for years to those who worked in the abortion industry and have brought them out of the hell they were living. In such remarkable events one finds additional proof of the supremacy of the pro-life perspective over the selfish calloused approach promoted by the abortion proponents.

But let us keep everything in perspective. George Tiller made a living killing babies and harming women. He danced with death every day. Tragically someone with Tiller's mentality thought that he or she could act with the same impunity that Tiller claimed in his actions. And as Fr. Pavone noted, at this point we do not know who acted and for what purpose or motive.

Let this event remind this nation why abortion is ultimately a destructive act for all involved. Let us pray for the end to abortion in our nation and throughout the world.

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