Saturday, June 06, 2009

Polygamists now are discriminated against

With the New Hampshire Marriage equality law was signed, groups supporting polygamist rights now complain their rights are discriminated against.
A polygamy advocacy organization says the New Hampshire law that is intended to assure "equal access to marriage" for all instead specifically embeds in state statutes bigotry against polygamists.

One of the reasons I supported Prop 8 was for this reason; Once Gay Marriage was legalized, the polygamist groups would sue for discrimination of Marriage rights.
Declaring that the new law advances fairness and equality for all, they proclaimed that New Hampshire had supposedly 'ended discrimination' for everyone," the statement said.

"But the law did no such thing. Rather, it intentionally 'discriminates' against consenting adult polygamists – indeed, on purpose," the organization said.

The fact that polygamists, and indeed those with other sexual proclivities, would use the same "civil rights" and "equality" arguments forwarded by homosexuals seeking "marriage" rights has been predicted for years.

Once Marriage is redefined, it distorts the meaning of One Man and One Woman bond that traditional Marriage is. I worry about our future generations. If Marriage has multiple meanings Children will be very confused. Another facet to this debate is the issue of "civil rights." Not once does the constitution state any "sex," or "Sexual Orientation," occur. Behaviors are not rights. All are protected under the Constutuion for "Civil Rights." (i.e freedom of choice to live, work, go to school, etc.) But sexual orientation is not a right. All can marry one of the opposite sex. Period.
"To say laws about private sexual conduct are unconstitutional, the court, in effect, opened a sexual Pandora's box," he said. "If there is a constitutional right to have homosexual sex, how can one deny there is a constitutional right to group sex? How can one deny there is a constitutional right to consensual incest? How can one deny there is a right to have sex with animals? How can one deny there is a constitutional right to polygamy?

"You can't. There is no difference," he wrote.

His conclusion was that the court was wrong: "There is no constitutional right to homosexual sex – or any other kind of sex for that matter. The word sex doesn't appear in the Constitution."

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