Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gibbs and the revisionist history

I read Dr. Victor Davis Hanson over at PJ Media and listen to him on Hugh Hewitt's Radio show. He is a straight shooter on History. Not a liberal revisionist. Here is an encounter with a reporter asking Press Sec. Gibbs a question about VDH here:
In today’s news briefing, Kinsolving asked, “Historian Victor Davis Hanson cites what he terms, ‘The president’s politically correct canard that the Renaissance was fueled by Arab learning, and the president’s statement that abolition of slavery and civil rights in the U.S. were accomplished without violence,’ as two of seven presidential errors. Question: Does the White House believe Dr. Hanson is wrong? Or do you believe your speechwriters and the president made some mistakes?”

Said Gibbs, “Lester, I have to hand it to you that you have in only one question covered some five or six centuries of world history.”

“No. No. Just mistakes … White House mistakes,” said Kinsolving.

“Well I … Should I ask you a question and you respond, or should I give a…,” Gibbs said.

“I’d be delighted anytime,” Kinsolving said.

“At least you’re not leading into where you think the answer to such a historically significant and important question,” Gibbs said. “I’m not familiar with the work of the esteemed historian. I haven’t seen it. I can assure you that not knowing who this historian is, I’ll put my money on our speechwriters.”

At the Washington Times, which publishes Hanson, editorial page editor Richard Miniter told Kinsolving: “To Mr. Gibbs: If you are in need of information about those in positions of higher learning, please write us.”

Oh well….

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