Friday, June 19, 2009

Box up Boxer NOW!

The title, that Brig. General used while testifying in a hearing with Senator Boxer presiding, of Ma'am was respectful and correct. You did not hear any Male Senator complaining of "yes sir, or no sir," in the hearing. The military has always trained its ranks to respect those who are their seniority or authority. Senator Ma'am Boxer is a snob. She shows what she thinks about the military clearly. She does not respect the Military at all!

A great article on what "titles" or lines to use when dealing with Senator Ma'am here.

Clearly the Brig. General earned his title. Senator Ma'am was granted her title by the voters when she won and was re-elected to her position of Senator of California. We can take her title away in 2010 by voting her out. Chuck DeVore needs your help to win the title of Senator and take it away from the Senator Ma'am. His web site is here.

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