Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dump Murtha

Support the Troops, Stop Murtha!

I think us bloggers should storm Murtha out of office. Even though I live in the Left Coast (in a red county) I want to see this guy thrown out of office in PA. Here is his republican opponent Diana Irey's web site.

(HT Hugh Hewitt) Froggy over at BlackFive on Murtha Jumps the shark. Interesting, he was pushing the withdrawal of the Marines in Somailia in 1993. Mr. Cut N' Run himself.

Here's the Vets for Irey's site, they really want to Dump Murtha. Maybe they will be the Swifties of 2006. I hope we can make it so!

Update: Here's Blackfive's post on Murtha and the blog storm.

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