Thursday, June 22, 2006

Feinstien, please say "Troop Withdrawal"

I have the same thoughts on this. If a senator voted for the War then why don't they want a VICTORY in that War? From Real Clear Politics here.
I want to be clear on this. Once a senator votes for a war resolution, the senator has not renounced his or her duty to criticize bad policies, nor does the senator forfeit the right to change his or her mind.

The senator, however, does have a responsibility to fight for victory -- so that the troops who die abroad do not die in vain, or endure more fire because Washington pandered to voters' anxiety. They are risking their lives, and Feinstein doesn't even have the honesty to use the term troop withdrawal.

We are winning this war. Let the troops do the job you voted for. Win the war, Victory is at hand.

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