Friday, June 09, 2006

USS Cole Deployment

I wanted to write yesterday on the USS Cole but Blogger was upgrading to a better database. I hope the upgrade works! Blogger has been sluggy the past week.
(Hat Tip to Anchoress here). This is the second deployment since the 2000 bombing. It was fitting it happend on Z-Day! Rejoice! Victory is near! The US Troops are doing a great job! (Only the MSM doesn't see the Victory.)
I’ve always had a softspot for the USS COLE, probably simply because of how CIC Clinton said the words but did nothing when 17 of his sailors were killed and one of his naval vessels was attacked. Tammy Bruce notes she is asail again and she remembers the names of the fallen. The COLE heading back to the Middle East.

ME too Anchoress! I'm glad CIC W got it right

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