Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm so happy that they are sad!

MSM treatment on Zarqawi's such a joke to me. He was a bad guy who deserved to die. It was not a police action that killed him. It was insider intel and a coup on A-Q. The military played an important role in killing him. The MSM is so pathetic and they hate the military. Why can't they say "Job well done?"

HT to RCP on Iraq The Model's post here. From a BBC forum on Arabs:
Zarqawi's death means nothing at all because it's the byproduct of the despotic policy that exists in his home country, Jordan.
There are thousands of Zarqawis in our nation who are getting persecuted and terrorized so they found their way to Iraq where they can vent, thanks to America who brought destruction to the region with the help of her agents (the rulers). And for your information, our information about Zarqawi is vague…is he a national hero, or a criminal terrorist? We don't know for sure but we see that our enemies are so happy that he's killed and that is what makes me feel sad for his death.
LOL! You go Troops! NAVYWife is Happy! You made my week go by fast. And I'm still doing the Snoopy dance! They got the Z-Man!

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