Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Dems are counting their chickens...

I'm not worried about the November Election. The Folley Follies have backfired. The polls don't look good now for the Republicans. But I remember 2004 and 2000 the polls pointed to a democratic win. I want to thank North Korea for testing their Nukes this week. It's pointing to the failed Clinton foreign policy. National Security is more important than ever. What are the Dems doing about National Security? They are working on cut and run in Iraq and blaming everything on Bush. It's not working.

Tax cuts, gas prices going down, securing the border, unemployment down, the economy UP! Bush is right, Dems are wrong. Republicans will win. So all you Republicans please hold your nose and vote this November. Show up and vote and don't let the Dems fool you. Rush said this morning what will the Democrats do if they loose this November? They have no plan.

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