Sunday, October 15, 2006

Navy BDAY and I missed it! Shucks.

My NavyFamily life has been a bit frantic lately and blogging has been chaotic. When school starts it's always crazy getting into the routine and we are going to a new school too. My youngest is in Kindergarten and has been diagnosed with learning disabilities. Getting the school district to give her services will be a challenge but I found some help. And she does have a nice Kindergarten teacher too. My 4th grader is in a special day class and is mainstreamed in the AM with a regular 4th grade. Her teacher is fantastic too. I would love to home school my girls but with the disabilities they have (ASD) they need speech, occupational therapy and social skills that I feel they need.

So Michelle has a post on the 231st Navy Bday on October 13 here.

I saw this in the OC Register this week and wanted to mention this OC local NavySeal who died protecting his comrades here. I'll say a prayer for him and his family today in church. God Bless our Troops! (HT Laura's Misc. Musings here.)

Here is the Blackfive post by Froggy here on Mike Monsoor.

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