Wednesday, October 11, 2006

OPLAN 5027

They say with the North's nuclear arsenal, the strategic geo-political landscape in the region around the Korean Peninsula faces a significant transformation, and a collapsing military balance between the two Koreas.

Sources said the JCS reports propose the current South Korean-U.S. combined war plan, codenamed OPLAN 5027, should be upgraded, noting the war plan lacks specified measures to cope with a nuclear war. The OPLAN 5027 is designed for conventional warfare, containing only a "comprehensive counter-nuclear" plan, they said.

"We will consider ways to improve the OPLAN 5027 on a gradual basis," a JCS official said.

The JCS reports also highlighted the need for introducing cutting-edge weapons systems that are capable of destroying the means of delivering nuclear weapons, according to sources.

"Our planned arms build-up for the transfer of wartime operational control will be used to counter nuclear delivery systems," a Defense Ministry official said.

The military plans to enhance surveillance and strike capabilities through acquiring airborne early warning aircraft, unmanned surveillance air vehicles and multi-purpose satellites as well as F-15K-class jet fighters, Aegis-equipped warships, multiple-launch rocket systems and 214-type submarines.

HT Korea Herald here.

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