Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Da Speech

I listened while cooking dinner for the NavyFamily. I felt the President went to the middle. I knew the Pres. would not give up on Guest workers. I did like the Guard patrolling the Boarders and building the fence. I was listening to Hugh Hewitt’s show with Homeland Dept. Julie Myers and it just turned my stomach! Poor Hugh was upset! They are Backpedaling. The President said FENCE but really it will be a comprehensive. Ms. Myers said, "Well a fence can be dug under." I saw visions of the Clinton years with the "DEE DEE ZONE......" (Back ground sound of "Twilight Zone" theme) and included Speaker of the House Pelosi, Madame President and First Bubba in the White House.

Seriously, I read Anchoress and I do agree with her here.
I think the President struck the right tone and found middle ground, talking fence, but also talking sensibly about the people who are already here. He did not slavishly bow to the base but approached the problem as the president of the whole nation, and as a man who is interested in how human beings treat other human beings.

We need to sit back and debate the issue more on immigration. The Senate will battle it out. I have faith like you oh Holy one.
I have absolutely no doubt that the hard-liners, the “do it our way or your suck” extremists will not be shaken from their rage, but I am becoming convinced that they don’t want to be shaken from it, for a variety of reasons that I may (or may not) get into tomorrow.

For people who are willing to understand that perfect “solutions” will never be enacted in a nation where politicians freeze in the face of the tiniest outcry and presspeople willfully distort, I think the speech represents a good start. The president has told congress the ball is now in their court. We’ll see what our spineless and opportunistic “leaders” can come up with.

Well said. I'll see what Senator Frist does. He seemed motivated last night when talking to Hugh. The Senator was committed to getting Confirming Kavanaugh by Memorial day. Let's get the Judges confirmed. The Republican Base must 'Lax like Anchoress said

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