Wednesday, May 24, 2006

milblogs and the war

Saw this on Fox news here:
As the war in Iraq and the national debate over it continue, military-themed American bloggers have been voicing their support for U.S. troops and, in most cases, the war itself.

"We're not only fighting a physical war, we're fighting an information war as well," said "Andi C.," organizer of the first annual MilBlog Conference, which took place last month in Washington.

"The Bush administration and the DoD [Department of Defense] have not been very effective in the information war," explained Andi C., who, like many "milbloggers," prefers not to use her full name. "Milblogs have been doing the heavy lifting. Both entities could learn a thing or two from milbloggers."

My hats off to the Troops and following though on the Misson. The MilBlogs gets it Right. The MSM gets it Wrong. We got to keep the fight up on the information war.
"Milblogs tell the good news, the progress on the ground," she said. "They also do a good job of introducing readers to heroic people that you might not get the chance to meet otherwise. Blackfive does an excellent job of this with his 'Someone you should know' series. Milblogs also keep the mainstream media in check, something badly needed."

Another great source is Capt. Dale Dye on Sundays from 1700 to 1900 (5 to 7 PM) at KFI 640 AM. He's got it right all the time! Here's his info on KFI site.

HT to BlackFive on the Valuor-IT laptop program here.

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