Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Blues and SF

I'm a fan of the Blue Angles and have been following the controversy at San Francisco Fleet week. The liberal left coast wants to eliminate the Military presence as much as they can. To see the Blue Angels fly by makes them cringe! The liberals want to tell kids that the Blue Angels are war machines and are evil. But I tell you, any kid who sees the performance of the Blue's are astonished! They do amazing things in the air and not a bomb is dropped. It is an art form in it's purest form. I tell my kids we need to keep training pilots to protect us. We need the Military. Without them we are goners. What better PR to have the Angles perform and show that the military is not all bombs, killing, war etc. It is about how we can protect our country and citizens.

Ht to BlackFive here.

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