Friday, June 22, 2007

The very liberal gals

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okl, claims he overheard Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, and Barbara Boxer, D-Calf, chatting about how out of control talk radio had become.

"They said we've got to do something about this," Inhofe told a talk radio host. (KFI's John Zigler) "That 'these are nothing but far right wing extremists, we've got to have a balance, there's got to be a legislative fix to this.'"

I'm still waiting for comment from Clinton's and Boxer's offices….but this comes on the heels of a new study by a liberal group (LINK) that claims that in Spring 2007 "of the 257 news/talk stations owned by the top five commercial station owners, 91 percent of the total weekday talk radio programming was conservative."

I'm laughing because the senators who are "liberal gals" (as Sen Inhofe describes them as) are denying they had the conversation. And the one who is running for President is the one who wants to start a conversation! Heh!
"Senator Boxer told me that either her friend Senator Inhofe needs new glasses or he needs to have his hearing checked, because that conversation never happened," says Natalie Ravitz, the communications director for Boxer.

"Jim Inhofe is wrong," says Philippe Reines, Clinton's press secretary. "This supposed conversation never happened - not in his presence or anywhere else."

It is noted that Sen Inofe said this converstation happended three years ago. From Political Punch here.

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