Monday, June 18, 2007

Demand Side of Immigration

Terrence P. Jeffery was on Bill Bennett's this morning focuses on the Demand Side immigration. The Kennedy-McCain bill focuses on the supply side of immigration.

There is an Illinois employer that over five years filed 131,991 inaccurate documents with the Internal Revenue Service. That's right: 131,991.

Now, you might think law enforcement would be swarming all over this employer. You would be wrong, however.

You see, the 131,991 false documents were W-2 forms reporting taxes paid on behalf of workers whose names and Social Security Numbers (SSNs) did not match. The Social Security Administration (SSA) inspector general has told Congress that illegal-alien workers are "the primary cause" cause for this type of "non-match" W-2.

According to an October 2004 report by the SSA inspector general ("Employers With the Most Suspended Wage Items in the 5-Year Period 1997 Through 2001"), the Illinois employer with 131,991 "non-match" W-2s was the national champion for that period. But there were other employers in the same league.

If we just enforce the laws on the books we could stop the immigration problem. But those who want to enforce are called "Racists!" They just don't understand they are giving our country away.

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