Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Volunteering for my Daughter's GS troop

On June 1st I went camping with my Daughter's Junior Girl Scout troop. Everything went wrong went wrong! My car overheated, I did not have my tent poles to the tent, I got the flu and was throwing up at camp all day and night. Needless to say, when I got home a few days later the Leader sent me an e-mail saying I was going to be replaced as Co-Leader! Heartless after 4 years of volunteering as Cookie Mom and Co-Leader. I immediately sent an e-mail to all the parents that I resigned because I did not want her to tell the parents that she fired me.

Why? I was not a team player at the camp out and did not help the girls with a badge. Well would you want someone throwing up to make the meals and be contact with the girls and make them sick? My head was aching, I had the chills and I was dizzy so I could not possibly talk to the girls about an Astronomy Badge!

Hopefully my daughter will remain in the troop. It's for the girls not for me or the leader. If I'm the problem then stepping away is the best for all. If she wanted somebody to replace me why not tell me in person?

What the evil leader doesn't know I'm starting up a new Brownie troop for my younger daughter. I have five parents in mind and it is a different council. I bet she'll be livid! Or not who cares! It's for the girls and there's a need for an experienced person to step up to the plate. So evil leader just gave me my wings to fly away. I am free to pursue a great position and be a leader after 4 years of being an assistant leader. The next time I see her I'm going to thank her soooooo much!

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