Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stop the Amnesty Bill Now!

Over at NRO the seven senators who can stop the bill from Cloture here.
The best vote count now has 33 no votes plus the non-vote of the ill Sen. Tim Johnson. Assuming this count is accurate, only seven more are needed to stop amnesty.
Those votes are available from a bipartisan group of senators who say they oppose the amnesty bill. They are Sens. Kit Bond, Sam Brownback, Richard Burr, Thad Cochran, Norm Coleman, John Ensign, and Jim Webb. If any of these senators votes to revive the bill, his professions of opposition to amnesty should no longer be taken seriously. He will have done his crucial bit, when the amnesty bill was most vulnerable, to help shepherd it to passage. We know how senators who claim to oppose amnesty will try to explain away a vote to revive the bill. They will rely on procedural obfuscation: They didn’t want to obstruct the process, they wanted to get a vote on an amendment, etc. But amnesty is staying in the bill — no amendment to strike the bill’s central features has any chance of passage — and it deserves to be obstructed.

Keep Faxing, Calling and E-mailing your senators. Keep the pressure on this week! No to Cloture! No to Amnesty!

You can send faxes at Grassfire.org here.

Numbers USA is another good site to send a free fax here.

Secure Borders Now here.

Michelle Malkin has the updates here.

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