Monday, November 10, 2008

A democratic process

What the "No on Prop 8" people did not do was to go though the process of changing the laws like the "Yes on Prop 8" people did.
From Rhinotimes here:
In order to make such a radical change in human behavior and custom, the proponents of gay marriage should have followed constitutional, democratic process and persuaded people to support it until a majority was achieved.

That's what the US Constitution and every state constitution require. And that has not happened anywhere in the US.

What was the public emergency that made it so the New Puritans could not wait to persuade people to vote for what they wanted? The only emergency was that they knew that they could not do it. They knew democracy would not choose what they wanted.

Therefore small groups of dictators have simply taken it upon themselves to deny universal human practice and remake the law as they saw fit, without waiting for democratic process.

Their pretexts are laughable, their authority nonexistent. No constitution declares that any court has such a right.

So why is anyone obeying them? Because, in support of their illegal action, the courts can issue writs removing the power of any other state official to resist them. There is no institution that even knows how to begin resisting the illegal usurpation of power by the judicial branch.

No branch of government was ever intended to have the power to dictate new law without other branches of government having a chance to stop them or at least slow them down.

In essence, we have suffered a coup and lost our democracy. A minority is dictating new law against the will of the majority, and will spread it by force throughout the country by using the full-faith-and-credit clause.

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