Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama will make them like us (HEH)

I love America wort's and all! Why do we have to apologize for what America does or says? I could care less what European or Asian country thinks about America. We are the leader of the Free World. God Bless America! Screw them Royally!

"Americans can actually go to dinner parties and cocktail receptions around the world today and not have to apologize for the United States the way they have had to do the last several years," he said. "The election has made life a little bit easier for Americans living and traveling abroad to hold their head up high again."

The United States' tarnished reputation has been fueled by a combination of factors, including opposition to U.S. policies like the war Iraq and alleged torture and abuse of prisoners, the perception of hypocrisy, unilateralism, and the perceived war on Islam, according to a congressional report released in June.

Thank God for President George W. Bush. WE were attacked in 2001 by the Enemy who are Islamic terrorists. We had to do what we had to do to get the Enemy to talk. We are at WAR. Remember, they attacked us many many times (1993 WTC bombing, USS Cole, US Embassy bombings, etc.) It was George W. Bush had the BALLS (side story on Hitler here) to step up and fight the bastards. I'm sorry, we as Americans don't have to apologize to the appeasers.

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