Monday, November 10, 2008

I don't hate gays

There is an ignorance of us "Yes on 8" supporters, we do not hate gays at all. Most of us are church going people (Christan, Catholic, Mormons and Jewish). We love our neighbors like God wants us too. Why would we use hate to take someones civil rights away?
The issue that is forgotten is this battle of "gay marriage" is what children want. Most kids that I talk to including my own want One Mother and One Father to raise them. The security of knowing that a nurturing Mother and a protective Father is very comforting to children.

I'll list the information from leading scholars from Family Research Council here:
A large and growing body of scientific evidence indicates that the intact, married family is best for children. In particular, the work of scholars David Popenoe, Linda Waite, Maggie Gallagher, Sara McLanahan, David Blankenhorn, Paul Amato, and Alan Booth has contributed to this conclusion.

This statement from Sara McLanahan, a sociologist at Princeton University, is representative:

If we were asked to design a system for making sure that children's basic needs were met, we would probably come up with something quite similar to the two-parent ideal. Such a design, in theory, would not only ensure that children had access to the time and money of two adults, it also would provide a system of checks and balances that promoted quality parenting. The fact that both parents have a biological connection to the child would increase the likelihood that the parents would identify with the child and be willing to sacrifice for that child, and it would reduce the likelihood that either parent would abuse the child.

What better way to raise a kid in a traditional marriage. You have lower suicide rates, lower crime, and lower drug abuse when a child grows up in a monogamous relationship of a Mother and a Father.

During the election, my kids were very worried that if it did not pass we would not have families anymore. I think they are right. And we don't hate gays at all. Christians believe in helping everyone. We might not agree with the gay life style, but we have compassion for them.

Its just we disagree on what Marriage is. The civil rights of an individual is not taken away. Gays are allowed to marry but to one of the opposite sex!

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