Thursday, November 06, 2008

What the GOP needs to do

From Next Right here:
The first opportunity to leverage these cyclical advantages will come in the 2010 midterm elections. Despite some recent exceptions, the party of the president usually suffers a net decline of seats in Congress during off-year elections. This provides a realistic opportunity for the Republican Party to regain control of the House and reduce the Democratic majority in the Senate in the very near term.

This national cyclical advantage should be supplemented in four ways:

1. Aggressive candidate recruitment: The pool of quality potential congressional candidates for the GOP should be quite large. In particular, the drawdown of the American military presence in Iraq will make a pool of new veterans—largely inclined to conservative politics—available.
2. Web-based fundraising through bundling PACs: Traditional bundling PACs accept and forward paper checks to listed candidates. A smart web-based bundling PAC could allow donors to initiate a single transaction on the PAC’s website that would be forwarded electronically to list candidates per the donors' instructions.
3. A young ground game: Colleges and universities are enormous pools of high quality, low cost, and eager political talent. Creative efforts to transport, house, and support college students as canvassers and phone-bank workers for targeted congressional races could help overcome the chronic lack of labor that make sophisticated GOTV efforts difficult for many congressional campaigns.
4. A new “Contract with America”: The evidence suggests that issues play a limited role in campaign outcomes. But, the perception of the role of issues in an election outcome can be very important for developing claims of a mandate to enact policy changes after the election. Within some limits, a strong policy platform is unlikely to either help or hurt a national campaign for Congress. But, it can help provide a launching pad to actually enact conservative policies, particularly over the objections of a sitting President Obama. Some potential items might include:
1. A balanced budget amendment that includes requirements for reasonable debt payment timetables
2. Income tax simplification to make one-page filing a reality and increase transparency
3. Income tax reduction on the first $10,000 of income from interest and dividends to encourage savings and investment
4. Healthcare reforms to allow doctors to charge on a sliding scale without risking reduced payments from insurance companies.
5. Strong web use privacy laws limiting the type of information that websites can collect and store about users

Like Obama supporters who are all Internet based and are ordered to attack any opposition. We need to build up an "Army of Davids" i.e. Glenn Reynolds and counter attacks. I think we should support local Young Republican groups at Colleges and Universities. And teach our kids what is conservatism. A good set of books to buy for them is the 2 book series of "America The Last Best Hope" by William J Bennett. He has been going to schools and promoting his books. Americas youth must be taught our own history "warts and all." We need to show our kids that its ok in loving America the way it is. We don't need to transform it, we need to educate our youth on its history, and it's Freedoms. It is important to keep America free.

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