Saturday, April 11, 2009

Marriage and Family, the social structure of Civilization

This week was a rough for us who support traditional marriage. With the Vermont legislation and Iowa ruling Homosexual Rights groups are unraveling the traditions that built our civilization.
From Focus on the Family here:
When one considers the social structure of civilization, family is clearly the foundational unit upon which church and government rest. Families are created and held together by the lifelong commitment of a man and a woman who live cooperatively and raise and nurture the children born to them. Families are the building blocks essential to the formation of a community, and strong social structure arises from the foundation many families provide.

Not only is marriage vital to society, the benefits of marriage for individual adults and children are well-documented. In general, married people live longer, spend less time in the hospital, have higher incomes and enjoy greater emotional support. Children raised by their mother and father are less likely to live in poverty or drop out of school and are more likely to finish college. They are also at lower risk for becoming sexually active in their teen years.

I advocate for traditional Marriage for the purpose of raising children and the family structure it provides. We cannot undermine the social structure of our civilization. Homosexual rights groups want to destroy the traditions that built our country. The family is the basic unit that holds us together. We have a strong community with families that are intact. Break families apart and you create havoc by increasing crime, drug abuse, unwed pregnancy, gang violence, etc. on community by making it a weaker.
From Domestic Divapalooza here:
Meanwhile, President Obama continued his direct assault on traditional marriage by appointing radical homosexual activist Harry Knox to his Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Knox, a leader with the far-left Human Rights Campaign, called the Pope a “discredited” leader for opposing homosexual marriage. Upon his appointment, Knox released a statement saying he would work with President Obama to ensure that “government has no place in funding bigotry” (i.e., Christian-based efforts).

The left is placing the term 'bigotry' on any one who opposes gay rights. It is a label that does not apply to traditional marriage and the family structure at all. Civilization was developed by the family and the community it fosters. We as humans will not survive without Traditional Marriage and the family unit. We are not bigots at all.

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