Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shift away from God toward European socialism

From CNSNews here by Rep. John Fleming (R-La.:
As first reported by, the pediment attached to the wall that was to be the backdrop for Obama’s speech at the Catholic university featured the IHS symbol for Jesus Christ. The Obama administration asked school officials to cover the symbol, which was done by placing a piece of plywood painted black over it.

Gaston Hall stage as it looked on the afternoon of April 15 with "IHS" still shrouded. ( Starr)
Fleming told that he sees President Obama’s request as symbolic of his political agenda for the country.

“I have a concern about the very sharp turn to socialism that’s happening in our government,” Fleming said.

He said the policies the president supports, from “cap and trade” government regulation of carbon emissions to universal health care and nuclear disarmament, is evidence of the country moving toward a European style of socialism, which in turn leads away from religion.

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