Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Offense (to Gay Marriage)

UPDATE*******Via Patterico's, Perez Hilton has a copyright infrigment against NOM's add. But there are other copies out there. Little scum bag can't handle 3 secs of his mug on an ad.*******

The supporters of Gay Marriage are in an uproar with Carrie Prejean's NOM ad. ( They're also mad about the boob job she got was paid for by the Miss America pageant!) After reading some of the comments left on the youtube page there were a few ideas I want to point out.

1. The claim that if Marriage is for procreation, then why do some couples don't have children? (Maybe they choose not to or maybe they are infertile)
2. Religion is bigotry. (Really, then MLK was a Bigot too!)
3. Marriage is not taught in the schools. (Wrong, they do teach it. I'll go find the CA Ed Code and have a post on that.)
4. Children don't need a Mom and Dad to be raised. (Last time I checked you need a female and a male to create offspring).

I could go on but I have to go pick up my child (who really likes having a Mom and a Dad!) from school. I will come back to this with more support for Marriage (The Opposite kind that is!). Like Carrie says, "No Offense!"

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