Tuesday, April 07, 2009

More support for Tradtional Marriage

From the News Buckit here:
First off, the institution of marriage needs to be preserved in its current form, as it is and has been the building block of society for really all of recorded history. Imposing a bit of social engineering on traditional couples is not exactly the most prudent, or the most effective, way of expanding the circle of who can receive certain benefits from the government. And sure, I'm being a little nebulous by saying "building block of society," but it's hard to dispute that despite its relatively high divorce rate in the U.S., married couples are (usually) stable and (usually) produce children (who themselves are usually stable.)

Thus, as society is made up of people (shocker, I know), being able to replace oneself -- and to do so in a controlled fashion -- is a social building block which, I think, is the essence and province of marriage... and a necessary component for a healthy society.

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