Saturday, August 22, 2009

Debunking Death Panels

I've been hammered by liberals on the HR 3200 End of Life sec. 1233. I have re-read it. An I still say the End of Life discussions is still decided by a panel of experts(?)who will ration care and tell you if you get treated or die. And Doctors are mandated to have this discussion every 5 years for those 65 and over. It is voluntary and the patient can decline. What I protest is the doctors are forced to have these consultations every five years and are paid for them. What does this do? It is the rationing of care.
He says every credible person agrees that there are no death panels mentioned in the bill. This is true that the exact words “death panels” are not used but a council is described that would make life and death decisions based on life expectancy vs. cost.

From Daily Investigator here.

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