Thursday, August 27, 2009

Social Justice Kills Freedom

It is not just a question of what the government will pay for. The logic of their collectivist thinking — and the actual practice in some other countries with government-controlled health care — is that you cannot even pay for some medical treatments with your own money, if the powers that be decide that "society" cannot let its resources be used that way, or that it would not be "social justice" for some people to have medical treatments that others cannot get, just because some people "happen to have money."

From IBD Editorials here.

Social Justice kills freedom. I need freedom so my kids can function in society. They both suffer from Autism. Little is it understood by General Practice Physician and Pediatricians. A Developmental Pediatrician is what an Autistic child needs. Most insurance will not cover that specialist. Or they do but only have one specialist and you have to drive 20 to 30 miles to see that ONE specialist your kid is allowed to see. Under the government run health care it would be virtually impossible to get that specialized care. A child who is severely hyperactive needs Ritalin, Concerta or other stimulants to cope, survive and behave. Trust me, you don't know how much our family life and my child's life improved once we started the medication. The quality of life for my child greatly improved! Thank you Lord! So with Government health care I would not have the freedom to visit the specialist. Without freedom we are toast. Without freedom my family will be lost. My only hope is to keep that ONE doctor. Or my child will have to go to a home or institution because of her sever hyperactivity. I can't do it without the medication and treatment she so deservedly needs to be a part of the society. Social Justice Kills Freedom to choose the doctor you need in order to be a part of and interact with society.

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